Wine Time! | Sunshower Riesling

If you've been keeping track, I've recently tried a subscription to Bright Cellars. Bright Cellars is a monthly wine subscription service where the user answers a simple questionnaire in order to receive 6 curated wines based on their tastes each month. My curated list ranged from a tropical Chardonnay to an ultra-dry edgy Cabernet Sauvignon. Today, I cracked open the box to try my first Bright Cellars' choice!

"Dark, stormy rain clouds are checked by Washington’s Cascade range, which guards the Columbia Valley from heavy rains and other adverse weather. Sunshower wines are inspired by this rain shadow effect and the wines of exceptional quality that are produced here with its help."

To compliment a warm spring day in the garden, I selected a 2013 Riesling from Sunshower. Simply from its name this wine suggests a freshness and the crisp sensation one experiences after a pre-summer rain. Imagine stepping onto your front porch after a shower. Sniff the fresh lilac and roses that bloom in late spring. Notice how vivid the greens are around you. Feel how energizing the air is. That's what I imagined when I saw this bottle. I must admit, it was pretty spot on.


This Riesling is a beautiful pale yellow. As the light hits the liquid, it reflects slightly greenish hues. The color reflects the freshness and fruit-forward notes before you can even take a sip. When the glass is tilted, the liquid is somewhat viscous, suggesting a sweet surprise. (Rieslings tend to be sweet, though they are no dessert wine!)


At first sniff, the glass produces a fragrance I can only describe as fresh and crisp. It's a buzz of Springtime in a glass. Once the liquid is swirled and aerated, the scents become more distinct.

At the beginning, you sense tree fruits with a slight floral note. Citrus, green apple, and pear are at the forefront. As the nose develops, you can begin to discern a slight strawberry note, and later a light yeasty nose. The nose is very clean and refreshing. Simplicity can be a good thing, even in wine. This one is bound to be perfect for a seat in the garden with a book.


At first sip, this is an extremely light wine. This further emphasizes the image of a spring shower that the winery suggests. It's perfectly sweet with an acidity to be expected from the green apple nose. It's almost as if you've picked a juicy crab apple off a tree to eat while walking through the woods. Though this wine is Californian, the flavor reminds me of my Ohioan childhood under wild fruit trees.

The notes in flavor are extremely similar to the nose. Strongest are those fruit tree tastes of green apple and pear, as well as honeydew, and citrus. The flavors do not linger overly long, nor do they have much length and develop further. They simply are.

It may seem redundant, but clean and refreshing truly are the best ways to describe this experience. This is not a wine that takes you on an extravagant flavor journey. That's certainly not a bad thing. Each wine has it's time and place. This wine asks you to take it out to the garden or the front porch. If you are an Ohioan too, you probably gravitate to the porch when it's raining anyway. You may as well sit outside in the rain with a festive wine. This is the wine for melting away the tension in your shoulders after a long day working on the yard. Enjoy it even as the stars begin to twinkle above you. Sunshower Riesling is a safe and comfortable wine for those starting to wet their tongues and are seeking to develop their palate.


Do you have a go-to Riesling? Leave it below, I'd love to give it a taste!