Tropical Bliss: Drosera Chardonnay

Once again, I've cracked open my case of Bright Cellars wine to choose my next curated taste test. This time, I'm pretending I'm on a tropical beach somewhere warm and beautiful with Drosera Chardonnay!

Quick review for those who are new here: I tried a wine subscription service called Bright Cellars. This company's claim to fame is that they can match you to a perfectly curated set of wine based on your responses to a quiz. So far, I've tried two bottles from this 6 bottle box. One astounded me and has quickly captured my heart as an all-time favorite wine. Another... I found enjoyable, but it didn't seem like the perfect fit to my tastes that Bright Cellars promised.

Drosera wines come from South Eastern Australia. The name and bottle design are strongly inspired by sharp toothed and visually intriguing carnivorous plants. The company compares their product to such plants and state the alluring wines will have you "caught in their grips!" The company infuses its wine with unique tropical flavors quite unlike anything you'd find from an American or European winery. Before I even opened the bottle, this wine had caught my attention.


Drosera chardonnay has a beautiful pale yellow tint that is quite easy on the eyes. When light is reflecting off of the liquid, it exhibits extremely pale green undertones with lots of legs. Most chardonnay I've experienced tends to be more of a true yellow. The paleness and greenish tones displayed here help solidify the tropical flair this wine promises.


At first whiff, this wine's nose is distinctly floral. Think honeysuckle, hibiscus, and jasmine. It's a very sweet scent, while still maintaining the earthiness of flowers. Once the wine is swirled and introduced to air, the sweetness grows. The very first scent that envelops you is pineapple. It takes a couple more sniffs to get past the scent, but it does develop further. You then experience the clean crispness of green apples, oranges, and lemons.


Of course, the most important part of wine tasting is the drinking part! Like most chardonnay, Drosera is a dry wine with low level of acidity. This particular chardonnay has a lighter body than expected and a quick finish. I didn't find the flavors to develop much after the first sips.

The flavors are pretty on par with the nose. No surprises in this glass. The very first note is the floral earthiness of the jasmine and hibiscus. These flavors give way to the pineapple which, like in the nose, is the predominant note here. The finish is cool and refreshing. There's island citrus, honeydew, and dragon fruit to round out the powerful punch at the beginning.

With all of these fruit flavors present, you may be expecting something sweet. Don't be fooled into that assumption - this is still a dry chardonnay. This wine is almost bitter. Think of an IPA. There's the sweetness from the fruit in an IPA, but it's still inherently bitter from the hops.

BUT is it reminiscent of a carnivorous plant? Meh.

This wine is beautifully crisp and refreshing. I'm not sure that it's a perfect pairing to my tastes, though. It's true that I really enjoy chardonnay, but this wasn't my perfect chardonnay. I think I'm still counting this as a win for Bright Cellars, just because they sent me a unique variant of my favorite white wine. I did really enjoy it, and I could see myself repurchasing this one.