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Hello all, and Happy Book Tag Tuesday! I'm still (un)patiently awaiting fall's arrival. A big part of the colder half of the year for me are fresh pastries, warm drinks, and maple syrup. Of course, the best part about maple syrup is their perfect pairing with pancakes!

Speaking of pancakes, I found this super cute pancake-themed book tag from Blogs of a Bookaholic. So, grab a stack of yummy pancakes and let's dive right in!

The creator made these super cute graphics, and gave permission for anyone doing this tag to use them. Feel free to steal them from me here! I also highly recommend you check out the original post. They put a lot of work into this tag.

Jeffrey Eugenides does more than just dust Middlesex with beautiful prose. The entire reading experience is like stepping into a dream. The prose is poetic and vivid, yet the reader feels like they are set upon a warm fluffy white cloud watching the events unfold. I understand how ridiculous this sounds, but really, you'd know exactly what I'm talking about if you've read this book.

Through three generations, the Stephanides family flee Greece, make a life in Prohibition America, struggle through the Motor City riots in Michigan--all leading to the birth of Calliope Stephanides. Calliope, who is now known as Cal, has some major secrets. It takes the thorough exploration of familial history and intimate strife to uncover who and why Cal is.

When I think of a character sharp in temperament (brash, impulsively responsive), I can't help but think of Murtagh from the Inheritance Cycle. (Yes, I'm talking about this series AGAIN. Bite me.) Murtagh is extremely sharp in temperament, as well as wit. Throw that together with his atrociously heart-wrenching storyline, and well... I'll never be the same again.

Riddle me this: How many rereads will it take until I no longer cry over Murtagh and Thorn?

1. Coraline

2. Secret Garden

3. A Little Princess

4. Annie on My Mind

These books speak "comfort reread" to me unlike any other.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. I couldn't think about anything but this book for WEEKS after finishing it. I don't experience book hangovers often, so it's further testament to my immense love for Eleanor.

Most of you are probably sick of hearing my ramblings of love for this book. However, if you've somehow missed my month-long book hangover, check out my full non-spoiler review of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

Ahh, comfort and indulgence. I can only answer this one best with Lord of the Rings. Reading the books or watching the movies feels so indulgent. I've done it a hundred times, but it's always so cozy and happy.

Revisiting this story feels particularly indulgent because of the nature of Hobbits. You can't help but feel like you are taking part in all of the partying, great banquets of food, pipeweed, singing, dancing, and goodwill of the Shirefolk. Few things make one crave delicious baked goods more than reading Tolkien's descriptions of heaping tables of Hobbit-quality meals. I bet Samwise makes the best pancakes...

Let me tell you about a fantasy series full of an extremely unique magic system, political intrigue, ancient foes, and a seemingly sharp main character full of secrets and hidden depth. I'm talking about the Black Prism Series by Brent Weeks.

Gavin Guile is the Black Prism. He can control all of the colors of the spectrum, and therefore acts as the world's leader. However, after the False Prism's War, the delicate balance has been shaken. Using magic takes away one's life force, and Gavin knows he doesn't have long yet to live. When Gavin's bastardized son, Kip is brought to court, every one feels he is the extent of his dark secrets. However, Gavin must put on a charade to fool everyone near and far.

It by Stephen King was my first response to this prompt. (Disclaimer: I am NOT okay with the thing that happens towards the end. If you know, you know.) Keeping in mind that I don't read a lot of horror of this manner, It is probably one of the most twisted and gruesome books I've ever read. Pennywise is such an extremely unpredictable character, and his shape-shifting abilities on top of his actions makes it very difficult to predict where the story is going.

This prompt is difficult to me because I don't typically get invested in romances. I don't pick up books for the romance involved in the book. In fact I often avoid romance-heavy books. However, there is one romance I grew to love through comics. That would be the romance between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

We can all agree that the Joker is a terrible person and grossly abusive to Harley Quinn, correct? For the longest time, I felt Harley should go off on her own. She's stronger as an individual. Though that is absolutely correct, Harley is still someone who needs companionship. Yes, she's better off alone as opposed to being stuck with the Joker, but she's not at her happiest alone.

Enter: Poison Ivy. I first experienced their relationship in Harley Quinn Vol 3: Welcome to Metropolis. Harley and Ivy are adorable together, and I will ship them to the end of my days.

How in the heck don't you like peanut butter?! Who hurt you???

Humbert Humbert from Lolita. I don't think I need to explain why a grown man falling in love with a 12-year-old girl makes me recoil. Vladimir Nabokov's writing is absolutely beautiful... but reading Humbert Humbert try to justify his actions for 300 pages is just no.

If you're looking for a fun adventure following a group of diverse baddass ladies, I recommend you pick up Rat Queens by Kurtis J. Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. These comics are simply a blast. The Rat Queens are a band of warriors in a high fantasy world, in the business drinking beer, kicking ass, and killing things--all for a fee, of course.

That wraps up The Pancake Book tag!

What is your favorite way to eat pancakes? I love to make chocolate almond butter pancakes, and smother them in local maple syrup. Nothing compares to Pure Ohio syrup. I feel sorry for those of you who can't get it easily.

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