Sunday Post #6 | I Need a Whole Nap

The Sunday post comes to you courtesy of Caffeinated Reviewer. Here's where many book bloggers catch up after a long week and get excited for things to come!

Hello, hello! Today's Sunday Post is brought to you by sleep-deprivation delirium and a shot of espresso! This week has been jam packed, and ya girl is BEAT! I'm really looking forward to spending a week lounging with books for The Reading Rush. I need it...

What I've Done This Week

This week was spent in celebration, as my and my fiance's four-year anniversary was Wednesday! We spent a romantic week together on Lake Erie in a cozy and quarantine-friendly cottage! During this stay, we did a lot of kayaking and swimming. I also had a couple lakeside picnics with a book to watch the sunset. I even took my mom along on one of these excursions! (Sort of... we were Facetiming.)

The day of our anniversary was one of the most unique we've had. Obviously, we spent the day together, but we couldn't really go out much considering the whole pandemic mess. We got carry-out chili cheese dogs and floats for lunch, and went on a drive in the Jeep. We also popped in at a tiny farmers market, and I left with some freshly plucked peaches. We topped off the night with Italian food and a Weird Al singalong in the cottage living room. All in all... 10/10 day with my favorite human.

Speaking of Weird Al... this beautiful man posted a polka medley of Hamilton!?!? My life is complete.

I still need to put a few last touches on my Mad Tea Party painting. I apologize for lying last week, I don't have a reveal for you yet...

What I Read/Reading Goals

This week I've finally finished up Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman. Ooooooh the FEELS!!!! My mind is reeling still! I demand you read this series!

Amidst that emotional breakdown, I broke my book buying ban and purchased The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. I'm currently at approximately 350 pages out of 517. I'm going to finish out the rest of this book before The Reading Rush starts on Monday. Things are too intense for me to have to put this book down for a week.

Speaking of, I've already posted all of my reading plans for the coming week here. Go ahead and check out that TBR. It's not too late for you to join The Reading Rush as well! If you are participating, I'd love to hear about your TBR below!

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It's been a far busier week than most of late, so I apologize for the particularly short Sunday Post. I'm a rather tired human, especially after spending the past three hours considering dying my hair purple and meticulously addressing envelops. (Not complaining... YAY! WEDDING!)

Thank you, as always, for visiting today! I send you my best wishes and the best of luck going into next week! Happy Reading! (and get some sleep!)