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The Sunday post comes to you courtesy of Caffeinated Reviewer. Here's where many book bloggers catch up after a long week and get excited for things to come!

Hello friends! We've made it one more week into this whirlwind of a year. I'm proud of us! In essence, I've experienced a surge of creativity this week that's been gone for months now. I've been half-trudging through the past months with an intimate friend of mine in toe. (Hint: their name rhymes with impression.) Whenever my little friend is around, I tend to stop doing the things I love as fervently and just kind of... exist. I can't tell you how great it feels to be free from that this week.

What I've Done This Week

My favorite night of the week was by far the one where I popped open a cheap bottle of Prosecco and started painting again. Not that I've ever been a particularly great painter, but my skills were rusty after abandoning the past time for so long. I started a Mad Tea Party scene after stumbling across some adorable paintings earlier that day of porcelain china. Somehow my mind jumped the gap and found inspiration in those paintings for painting a tea set. I haven't quite finished up the painting yet, but you can rest assured that a reveal will be featured in next week's Sunday Post!

I splurged a tiny bit this week and picked up some new CDs for my car. I do a lot of driving throughout the week, and my auxiliary port stopped working years ago. My only options when I'm driving are listening to the radio, audiobook discs from the library, or my own CDs. I don't treat myself to CDs often, but when I do, I support a local company that sells used media. This week, I purchased an Amy Winehouse CD, which has really been a long time coming.

With Hamilton on Disney+ I've also found myself gravitating towards Broadway soundtracks after a long time away. It's really felt like stepping back into my comfort zone artistically. I spent two extremely mentally/emotionally taxing years as a music major, and have had trouble enjoying music in the same way I used to since. Recently, I've started to sing without a speaker nudging me to sing along to it, and have even felt a desire to pick back up the instrument I've all but abandoned.

Lastly, I've started writing again. I'm considering posting some short stories on my blog as an added incentive to my creative writing. However, I'm bashful and terrified of my art being ripped apart verbally by others. I suppose time will decide if I become confident enough to do it.

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What I Read/Reading Goals

I only finished one book this week, and it was a novella called A Honeymoon in Paris by Jojo Moyes. The novella follows the main characters of The Girl You Left Behind, which I've also read recently. Similarly to the novel, the story alternates between a couple in the 1900's and one in modern times as they honeymoon in Paris. Moyes further explores the parallels within these two relationships, as we see them in the novel. I thought it was the perfect light and adorable romance for the moment. However, I don't really intend to review something so short and inconsequential much further than that.

I also made a pretty sizable dent on both Esme's Wish and Thunderhead, which I mentioned in last week's Sunday Post, so I won't bore you with them again. Hopefully I will finally finish both of these books in the coming week and can discuss my thoughts on them! Otherwise, I'm not setting any strict reading goals on myself in the coming days. I have a four year anniversary to celebrate with my better half, and I don't want to put myself in a slump leading up to The Reading Rush by pushing myself through overly ambitious weekly goals.

Thanks, as always, for visiting! I wish you the most happiness and success this week! I ask that you express to your pets that I love them and tell them they are very good beans for me. I'm missing my cat, who stays with my parents while I do college things, extra lately.

Happy reading!