Sunday Post #3: I'm On Lake Time!

Happy Sunday! The Sunday post comes to you courtesy of Caffeinated Reviewer. Here's where many book bloggers catch up after a long week and get excited for things to come!

Things I Did This Week

I've spent my whole week on Lake Erie. It was a week of absolute relaxation and pampering. I've finally broken out of my reading slump and got a lot of fantastic reading done while lounging by the water. My only complaint is that I'm not still there!

While at the lake, I spent a day exploring. I went on a hunt for Free Little Libraries in the area. I found a lot of them! This week I've unhauled 70+ books and left them at various Free Little Libraries. I felt like the Lake Erie Book Fairy! Donating books always feels great. I hope these books all find new homes where they are loved greatly.

I spent another day this week having a grand cooking experience! I'm still rather young, and there are some dishes I just haven't yet had the chance to prepare. One of which is such a classic-roasted fowl! In my family, the Thanksgiving turkey was the only roasted bird we consumed each year. Obviously, the reigns were never given to me to try to learn, because no one wants to risk allowing their child to ruin a holiday meal. For dinner this week, a spatchcoked a chicken and roasted it until it was perfectly moist, tender, and yummy! We then turned the leftover chicken into some of the best chicken salad I've ever had! If you haven't treated yourself to something deliciously slow-roasted lately, do yourself the favor now! You deserve it!


This week, I've finally pushed myself out of a terrible reading slump and finished Three books I've been slacking off on! I've finished up Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy, Thunderball, and Water for Elephants. I've also managed to get 100 pages from the end of both The Girl You Left Behind and The Spy Who Loved Me.

This coming week, my intentions are to finish Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman, Esme's Wish and Esme's Gift by Elizabeth Foster, The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes, and The Spy Who Loved Me by Ian Fleming. Wish me luck!

New Arcs to Food For Thought

This week I've been accepted for four new ARCS! Keep your eyes peeled for the following on my blog!

  1. Esme's Wish - A first installment to a whimsical middle grade following a young lady who rejects her mother's disappearance and seeks out the astonishing truth.

  2. Esme's Gift - The sequel to Esme's Wish

  3. Slaughterhouse Five - A new graphic novel adaptation to a beloved classic!

  4. Southern Voices - A collection of short stories all hailing from the Southern US

Thank you for visiting! I'll see you again soon with another post, but until then, happy reading! What are your reading goals this week?