Sunday Post #1: An Introduction

With everything happening in the world and my personal life, I've really been in a creative slump the past couple weeks. To preface, as this is a relatively new blog, writing isn't the only creative outlet I enjoy. I also paint, draw, bake, cook, and decorate. In a roundabout way, reading and playing video games are equally important outlets for me. For quite awhile, I felt like the batteries had been drained and I've had the life sucked out of me.

I'm a student who has just finished out her junior year. I spent two years as a music education major, but switched over to marketing and business management two semesters ago. The dramatic change of gears was coupled with the switch to online classes. On top of this, COVID19 also caused me to have to leave my house and stay with family for a couple months, and I was placed on furlough at my job. I don't say this to complain, but to come to terms with myself emotionally that it's okay for me to need to recharge my batteries after all of that!

Now the good news... after some time away from everything to reset emotionally, I feel as though the creative juices are flowing more than they have in a long time! I'm excited to dive back into the things I love with utmost exuberance, and more excited to share the things I love with all of you!

Things I Did This Week

I spent some time in Lake Erie this week. It was far too cold to swim yet, but I spent plenty of time sunbathing on the dock with a book! I spent the time of relaxation trying some fantastic wines, and I added many new books to my collection! I also traveled to Toledo, OH. In Toledo, I visited the infamous Tony Packo's (mentioned quite often by Klinger on M*A*S*H as Jamie Farr hails from there.) and the Great Lakes museum where I toured a freighter and tug boat.

Postscript: I also rewatched Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl this week. My love for both Kiera Knightly and Orlando Bloom have only grown with time. *swoon*

Video Games

I don't exactly mention this much within my posts, so I thought I'd spend some time talking about what I'm playing on Sundays. Currently I am playing through Assassin's Creed II. I'm finding the game play to be all around better than that of the first game, but I'm not sure that I prefer the storyline. I hear fantastic things about this one from others though, so I can't wait to see where things go. I'm still fairly early in the campaign. I flew through the first game, and anticipate finishing this one out this week!

Currently Reading

I'm currently working my way through three books:

  1. The Girl You Left Behind by Jojo Moyes (37% done) - a dual romance, part historical and part modern. The story of how a young and fearless French woman during WW1 can change the life of a grieving and lost woman of the 21st century.

  2. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (35% done) - The story of a 23 year-old boy who stows away with the circus, and what remains 70 years later.

  3. Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy (5% done) - This one comes out June 16th! I'm reading an ARC I was graciously given in exchange for a review. I would give you a synopsis, but I've chosen to go into this one blind. As far as I know, it's a whimsical middle grade, and that's enough for me!

Book Haul!

I hauled ten books this week! I don't feel particularly bad about this, as they are some of my firsts of the whole year! (It was SO hard to avoid buying books!!)

From my local Little Libraries, I borrowed four books! I just love those cute things! I plan to read these when I'm up on the lake, and will return them promptly!

  1. All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

  2. The Swiss family Robinson by Johann Weiss

  3. Scarlett (Sequel to Gone With the Wind) by Alexandra Ripley

  4. Misfortune by Wesley Stace

Next I visited a bookstore on the lake where I stayed and purchased some books new, which is quite rare for me! While I was there, I picked up a Wreck This Journal, thinking it would be a fantastic way to fight depression/anxiety. Let me know below if you'd be interested in a completed flip-through!

  1. Voyager (Outlander book 3) by Diana Gabaldon - I just finished book 2 and the suspense is killing me!

  2. Alan Turning: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges

Lastly, I found the CUTEST used bookstore in Toledo called Nevermore Books! It was VERY hard to restrain myself here, and I'm still trying to beg my wallet for forgiveness!! These are the book I purchased here:

  1. The Goldfinch by Donna Tart

  2. Slapstick by Kurt Vonnegut

  3. The Alice Network by Kate Quinn

  4. The House of Hades (Heroes of Olympus book 4) by Rick Riordin

Coming soon to Food For Thought:

  1. Bright Cellars wine review of Drosera Chardonnay

  2. Book Review - My Sister Rosa by Justine Larbalestier

  3. Nightly Battle - My 10 Tips for Insomnia

  4. Book annotation: necessary or taboo?

How was your week? What are your reading plans?

Until next time!


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