Recent Reads | Fangs

Length: 112

Author: Sarah Andersen

Star Rating: 5/5

Genre: Graphic Novel/ Comedic Romance

Release Date: September 1st 2020

Meet Elsie, a three hundred year old vampire with with a knack for documenting her vampiric victims, being a walking AC, and a deep fondness for horror movies. Sitting next to her at a lowly bar, is Jimmy. Jimmy is a werewolf. Not the angsty Twilight-type werewolf, but an ever loyal, playing fetch in the park-type werewolf. Yeah, they are pretty cute. After their chance meeting over drinks, the two come to learn that they can find companionship (and maybe even love!) in the most unlikely of places.

The author's name may be familiar to you, but if you're still trying to piece the familiarity together, I'm happy to help! Sarah Andersen is the brilliance behind the Sarah's Scribbles comic series!

It's important to point this out, because Fangs embodies the same pacing and energy as Sarah's Scribbles--even though the main characters are far different. I think when we hear about a romance between supernatural beings, or simply hear the words "vampire" or "werewolf," we immediately jump to Twilight comparisons. Let me stop you right now. This romance is cheesy and witty. It's full of adorable intimate moments, two people together just being playful together, and everyday coziness. It couldn't be more unique and adorable!

I laughed aloud quite literally every frame while I read through Fangs. Though, I finished it in one sitting, I knew immediately it would be a book I'd need to reread often. This book is simply a comforting read. I enjoyed it immensely, and I'm looking forward to picking up my own copy!

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