November Book Haul! | 2020

Hello, friends! You're in for a far shorter post than usual today. Lucky you...

Remember that time I said I'd stop buying a bunch of books every month? Yeah, me neither apparently... Thankfully, this haul contains half the number of books as last month's, so there has been some improvement. For the most part, I just purchased more comics. I hate starting a comic without having the next edition on my shelves. I don't know what makes this different from novels for me, but it's an incurable tic.

Now, without further ado, let's take a peak into my secret stash.

Gideon the Ninth by Tamysun Muir

So basically, I was forced to buy this book.

No really. Karo showed up, shoved me into my car, forced me to drive to the bookstore, thrust this book into my arms, and drug me by the ear to the check-out line.

Or something line that...

Okay, okay... she texted me while I was at my place of work that just so happens to be really close to a bookstore, saying that this book would be a perfect fit to my reading tastes. I have a weak backbone and succumbed to her suggestion. The other story is cooler.

To be quite honest, I don't know much about this story, and I'd like to keep it that way. As far as I've gathered, we follow a baddass lady, named Gideon, who answers a call to service for the Emperor as a sword. However, she must first make her way through grueling tasks and a competitive and deadly set of trials to win her place. In short, this is the perfect book for me. I also hear necromancers play a part in the story, and I am very excited.

Don't even put too much stock in this premise. I could be completely wrong, honestly.

The Poppy War and The Dragon Republic by R.F. Kuang

In order to apologize for the hostage situation, Karo very kindly sent these two to my mailbox, because I'm an okay friend or something. I am extremely excited to start this series. I've been intrigued from the get go because of all of the buzz and rave reviews I've come across. I'm so happy to have my hands on the first two books of The Poppy War trilogy!

This may be an unpopular opinion, but these full color covers are so much more stunning than the white ones. Fight me.

Again, I'm walking into this one fairly blind. However, I know we follow Rin, an orphan from the Second Poppy War. Her life is set on a path of arranged marriage and servitude in an opium-smuggling scheme. In order to win over her life and control her own future, Rin attempts the Keju, an immensely difficult aptitude test that could win her a spot in the most prestigious academy in the country. It's quite unlikely a poor dark-skinned orphan such as herself would score high marks in the test, and even less likely she'd survive the rigor of the academy as an outcast. Rin has no choice. She must either sink or swim to survive.

Assorted Comic Purchases

All of my comic purchases this month were sequels. I'd rather not spoil anyone or myself, for that matter, by giving the premise of these sequels. I also don't want to repeat the premise of the first books EVERY time I buy a sequel. To save us all from my rambling, I'm just going to show you the comics/manga I picked up, and you can refer to last month's haul for more information if you are curious. Deal?

As always, thank you for visiting! Have you read any of these newly acquired books? Which one should I read first?

Happy reading!