How Accurate Are These Assumptions About Me?

Thank goodness for wonderful people like Karo, who not only tolerate my madness, but pick it up and run with it! This post is brought to you today by our combined mind power, so you have no choice but to enjoy this one.

In short, I will be reacting and discussing 10 of Karo's assumptions about me. She, of course, will be responding to 10 of my assumptions about her on WyrdGurls!

1. You're working on a novel.

This one is kind of correct. I was working on a novel until recent events. I had started it last summer. It was going to be a series of short stories... or maybe “vignettes” better describes them. Each story would be a slice-of life short story, but they’d all be tied together by one united experience: every character was living through a pandemic. Patient zero was a North American waitress, who showed up to work with what she thought was the flu. (because food service managers don’t give a hoot if you are sick at work.) I wrote a chapter about a mother witnessing her children’s health deteriorating. Another one was further into the pandemic's progression, in an almost post-apocolyptic setting. I had around 30 of these vignettes outlined.

I stopped this project, and I likely won’t pick it back up. For obvious reasons, I think this novel would be… distasteful. I had no idea COVID19 was in the horizon when I started the project, but now I’m not sure I can stomach the idea of submitting this manuscript for potential income. It would look like I’m cashing in on the suffering of so many. Though that wasn’t my intent when I started the project, our current situation may be why a book like this would get picked up by a publishing company. I simply can’t let that be the grounds of my success.

Now I’m stuck mourning a product of love that never really got to see the light of day. I hope another project is in my close future, but it’s hard to cut off the energy going to the old one.

2. You're good at making friends.

This depends entirely on where I am and the potential friends. I tend to feed off of the energy in the room. If I’m not the one initiating the conversation, I’m perfectly capable of making fast friends. However, if there’s even a little awkwardness or resistance, it’s like anxiety shuts down my brain and I’ll sit quiet the whole night. Most of the time, things work out in my favor and I find easy conversation with just about anyone.

That being said, I’m not the best at maintaining friendships with people who are extremely extroverted. I consider myself a “social” introvert. By that, I mean that I absolutely love to be with people and socialize, but as soon as my batteries run out of juice, I completely shut down. I then need a long break to recharge. This typically means that I don’t talk to my friends every single day. This doesn’t suit many extroverts, and eventually leads to us drifting apart to close acquaintances.

3. You're pretty well versed in classical literature.

I like to think I am, but I haven’t dipped much past all of the staples. I’m certainly working on remedying that. Not only do I enjoy classics, but I enjoy being full of cultural currency. I've found the more classics you read, the more you’ll get a lot of witty jokes in pop culture.

4. You like to cook.

Yes! I LOVE to cook. My person also loves to cook. My favorite date nights are the ones spent sharing the kitchen and preparing a meal together.

5. You need coffee to function properly.

You hit this one right on the head. Life can not start until I have had at least one cup of coffee in the morning. Typically I make a 12 cup pot and finish throughout my morning/afternoon… You’re right though, I can’t function without it. I’m migraine prone, and a morning without coffee is guaranteed to lead to a day that ends with me hiding from light and movement in a blanket nest. Because of this, my fiance is known to wake me up with a fresh cup in hand. He calls it his “peace offering.” Poor thing...

6. You prefer wine over beer.

Depends on my mood and the atmosphere I’m drinking in. Blanket statement: I’ll drink any alcohol. However, beer tends to be a sports bar drink for me. I love a good draft beer with wings, especially Guinness. It just doesn’t taste the same out of a bottle. (I refuse to buy canned beer!) Wine is probably my go-to alcoholic beverage, but I also enjoy a good liquor. My favorite cocktail is a dirty martini with gin. I also enjoy just sipping some neat scotch.

So I guess my answer is… I’m just an alcohol snob?

7. You don't DNF books, even if you don't like them—you're there till the bitter end.

Accurate. It’s very seldom I DNF a book. Typically it’s a library book that I couldn’t trudge through fast enough before it was due. It’s a huge problem. It’s probably the #1 cause of my reading slumps. I also experience this problem with series. If I start the series, I have to finish it. It’s compounded with my driving desire for the cultural currency I was just talking about. This is THE only reason I ever read the Twilight Saga.

8. Stella sleeps in the bed with you.

Ooh… this hits right in the feels. She used to. I adopted Stella when she was only 4 weeks old, otherwise she would have been abandoned somewhere by a classmate’s parent. Our bond is incredibly close for it, and I’m fairly certain she believes I’m her real mom. I love that cat far more than words could articulate.

Unfortunately, when I left for college, I had to leave her in my parent’s care until I graduate. It’s been extra difficult that COVID makes it unsafe for me to visit her and my parents. I miss them dearly. The bright side is that she gets to go outside and play in the woods back home, whereas she’d be stuck in a tiny apartment that doesn’t even allow pets if she was with me.

However, now you get to receive an obligatory Stella photo dump!

9. You fall somewhere within the ace/demi spectrum. This is a huge guess, but it's unusual to find people who don't think ace people are super weird.

This assumption could not be further from the truth, actually. However, I am queer. I identify as a bisexual, and have been very… erm... active to be sure of it. I’ve had many friends throughout my life that are ace, and a close family member is demi. People should educate themselves regardless of who is in their circle, but I have come to understand the ace/demi spectrum because of these lovely people. You are at least correct that I’m comfortable and embrace those who fall under that umbrella.

10. You know my friend Allie. (Actually, I'll be really surprised if this one is true, but Allie also lives in Ohio and seems to know absolutely everybody.)

Alas, I am a quaint small-town girl who knows SO few people. I’m sorry for the let-down.

This was a lot of fun! I'd love to do a part 2 one day. Feel free to leave any assumptions you have of me below, and I'll compile them to do another post in the near future!